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No. material name Japanese kana
1 Yb yb
2 Yb2(CO3)3 yb2co33
3 YbCl3 ybcl3
4 Yeast extract, bacto powder yeastextract,bactopowder
5 Yellow 2G yellow2g
6 Yellow OB yellowob
7 Yellow prussiate yellowprussiate
8 Yohimbine hydrochloride yohimbinehydrochloride
9 Yperite yperite
10 Ytterbium ytterbium
11 Ytterbium(Ⅲ) acetate tetrahydrate ytterbiumacetatetetrahydrate
12 Ytterbium(Ⅲ) carbonate n-hydrate ytterbiumcarbonatehydrate
13 Ytterbium(Ⅲ) chloride hexahydrate ytterbiumchloridehexahydrate
14 Ytterbium(Ⅲ) fluoride ytterbiumfluoride
15 Ytterbium(Ⅲ) nitrate tetrahydrate ytterbiumnitratetetrahydrate
16 Ytterbium(Ⅲ) oxide ytterbiumoxide
17 Ytterbium(Ⅲ) sulfate octahydrate ytterbiumsulfateoctahydrate
18 Yttrium acetate tetahydrate yttriumacetatetetahydrate
19 Yttrium carbonate trihydrate yttriumcarbonatetrihydrate
20 Yttrium chloride hexahydrate yttriumchloridehexahydrate
21 Yttrium fluoride yttriumfluoride
22 Yttrium nitrate hexahydrate yttriumnitratehexahydrate
23 Yttrium oxide yttriumoxide
24 Yttrium sulfate octahydrate yttriumsulfateoctahydrate
25 Yttrium, powder yttrium,powder
26 Yttrium, turnings yttrium,turnings

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