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No. material name Japanese kana
1 Warfarin warfarin
2 Warfarin Potassium warfarinpotassium
3 Water water
4 Water blue waterblue
5 Water Soluble CarbodiImide watersolublecarbodiimide
6 Water, distilled(Distillated water) water,distilled(distillatedwater)
7 Water, purified(Pure water) water,purified(purewater)
8 WAX wax
9 Waxoline Red MA waxolineredma
10 Waxoline Red MP waxolineredmp
11 WF6 wf6
12 white lead whitelead
13 White mineral oil, petroleum whitemineraloilpetroleum
14 White phosphorus whitephosphorus
15 Wieland-Miescher ketone wielandmiescherketone
16 WIN-5063-2 win2
17 Wood's alloy wood'salloy
18 WSCI wsci
19 WSCI.HCl wsci.hcl

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